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Tis the season to be jolly...and to start showing our skin some TLC.

Winter is here and, as we adjust to wearing Holiday sweaters and drinking gingerbread lattes, our skin care routine has to change a little as well.

The hot and dry indoor conditions combined with the cold weather outside can quickly leave our skin feeling dull, itchy and sore.

Fortunately, equipped with the right winter skin care routine, we can prevent and even reverse the damage done to our skin!

A woman applying her winter skin care routine

This article will cover everything you need to know about winter skin care, including the best products, ingredients to avoid, and how to build an effective winter skin care routine in5 easy steps.

What’s more,  Adiya (Yubi’s Founder and Inventor of  Time’s Best Beauty Invention of the Year) has dropped by to give us her top tips for beautiful glowing skin this winter!

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Should I change my skin care routine in winter?
  • So how does a winter skin care routine differ from summer?
  • What ingredients should I avoid using on my skin in winter?
  • What are the best winter skin care products?
  • Are there any quick fixes for dry winter skin?
  • The best winter skin care routine for the face
  • Extra winter skin care tips
  • Final words from Adiya

Let’s jump in!

Should I change my skin care routine in winter?

Environmental conditions are a significant contributor to skin health, so it’s essential to adjust our skin care routines to counteract the seasonal change.

“The winter months bring double the trouble for skin: harsh cold weather outside (which can leave you dehydrated faster than you realize) and weirdly hot, dry climates inside, with the car and housing thermostats pumped up,” warns Adiya.

A hot radiator can dry out skin during winter months

“Our poor skin doesn't stand a chance! Add to that increased use of heavier makeup (to cover all the dryness from climate issues, and dark circles from stressing about the holidays!) and you've got a recipe for disaster if you aren't careful.”


So how does a winter skin care routine differ from summer?

During the winter months, it’s a good idea to prioritize moisture and hydration to prevent your skin from drying out.

A woman hydrating her skin as part of her winter skin care routine

To maintain moisturized skin, Adiya recommends staying hydrated with plenty of fluids. “My routine involves drinking more water than even during the summer and drinking lots of warm soups - the spicier the better. My biggest issue in the winter is dryness so in addition to topical application, consuming my H20 is so important.”

But what about all of the other beauty products that promise beautifully moisturized and healthy skin?

“I am not a big fan of masks but I have fallen in love with light therapy tools which are great for blemishes and repair,” Adiya tells us. “In general, I don't buy into the marketing gimmicks - I am a huge fan of products that actually work, so I look for formulas with actives - vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid to name a few.”

Spiritually, I think these winter months are the perfect time for us all to reset. Just as trees are dormant in the winter, preparing for a beautiful spring, we too should establish good routines and habits so that when spring comes, we're ready to bloom as well. - 

Adiya Dixon

winter months are the perfect time for us all to reset our skin so it blooms in spring

What ingredients should I avoid using on my skin in winter?

1. Astringents

    An  astringent is a chemical that shrinks the skin and strips it of its natural oils. In skin care products, this usually comes in the form of alcohol or witch hazel (pictured below).

    Witch hazel, which you should avoid using in your winter skin care routine

    Try to avoid using products that contain astringents during winter months, since these could irritate your skin and leave it feeling dry and vulnerable to infections and breakouts

    2. Fragrance

      Fragrances can be harsh on the skin, especially when it’s suffering from dryness. Therefore, it’s best to avoid skin care products containing any heavy fragrances during the winter months.

      3. Comedogenic Oils

        Comedogenic oils, such as coconut oil and cocoa butter, are excellent at creating a barrier against the elements to maintain skin moisture. However, they clog skin pores and can often lead to pimples, so try to avoid these if you’re prone to breakouts.

        Coconut oil, which is comedogenic and clogs the pores

        Instead, keep your face hydrated without clogging your pores by using a non-comedogenic oil, such as  Prickly Pear Cactus Oil.

        4. Soap

          Drop the soap!

          Or at least try to avoid bars that contain lye or fat as they can be extremely harsh on the skin. Soap can  upset the pH balance of your face and strip the skin of essential lipids. 

          We recommend using  a gentle cleanser instead of soap, particularly during cold winter weather. 



          5. Harsh exfoliants

            We have to be careful not to  over-exfoliate during the winter but, if our skin starts to get flaky, it’s probably a sign that we should incorporate it into our routine.

            “Exfoliation is super important, but I stay away from exfoliants made with ground shells or other physical abrasive particles,” Adiya explains.

            “They can be tremendously damaging to the skin and create tears that lead to bacterial infection and breakouts. I use konjac sponges which are really lovely and gentle.”

            Are there any quick fixes for dry winter skin?

            “My approach to beauty is holistic and that's frustrating because it means all real progress takes time,” confesses Adiya.

            “In addition to establishing a skin care routine (with regular exfoliation - as this is key!) I think healthy skin comes from healthy foods - leafy greens, protein-rich, and nutrient-dense foods - plenty of water, and plenty of sleep. My skin was always the dryest when I was pulling all-nighters in college, law school, or at the firm my first few years because I wasn't giving it a chance to heal.”

            A kale and chickpea salad to maintain healthy winter skin

            So consistency is key! Nonetheless, Adiya has some great skin care tips for any urgent winter issues: “Now, while you are waiting for your long-term skin care routine to work, in the meantime there's nothing wrong with covering dry skin with a little makeup!”

            “In particular, for dry skin, if you are using a matte foundation you may want to move to a hydrating or luminous formula for a few months until the winter passes. Or just mix in a dollop of your Belif cream with your foundation as you apply. (The Miracle Brush makes it easy for you to apply both at the same time!)”

            I NEED A MIRACLE!

            Woman using Yubi's Miracle Brush on her skin

            The best winter skin care routine for your face

            Step 1. Hydrate!

            Start your day right by drinking plenty of water.

            At ambient temperatures, the recommendation is to drink  4 to 7 cups of water  every day.

            During the winter months, it might be a good idea to drink an additional cup or two.

            A person pouring water to drink to hydrate their skin
            The best cleanser for a winter skin care routine

            CLEANSE MY PORES!

            Step 2. Cleanse

            Cleanse deep down to your pores with Yubi’s Vitamin C Wash! This organic, clean formula gently cleanses the skin without drying it out. It’s jam-packed full of soothing aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin E, which heal the skin and maintain moisture.

            Cleanse dry winter skin with Yubi’s natural, sulfate-free, paraben-free and vegan formula to leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. 

            Step 3. Moisturize

            Ready your skin for the winter elements by locking in that moisture.

            Using a good moisturizer is key to an effective winter skin care routine!

            Adiya tells us, “I love Belif Aqua Bomb which is not too thick but rich enough for extra hydration during the winter. I also love Neutrogena Hydro Boost year-round.”

            Top Tip! For extra moisture retention, you could use a non-comedogenic beauty oil before applying your moisturizer.

            A woman moisturizing her face to protect against winter weather
            Sunscreen, an important part of a winter skin care routine

            Step 4. Sunscreen

            Wait...what? Sunscreen in winter?

            Yup! The sun doesn’t cease to exist in the winter (although it might seem that way sometimes).

            To protect yourself against harmful UV rays and to lower your risk of skin cancer, we recommend using sunscreen before applying your makeup.

            Want to avoid getting greasy fingers?

            Use Yubi’s Miracle Brush to keep your hands clean!


            Step 5. Extra winter skin care essentials

            Don’t forget to apply your lip balm, body moisturizer and hand cream!

            Lipbalm, another winter routine essential

            Extra winter skin care tips

            For extra advice on how to alleviate dry winter skin, check out our discussion with  dermatologist Dr. Shari Hicks Graham as she walks us through her top tips to retain your skin’s natural glow! 

            Final words from Adiya

            “I think if you take a few moments every day to reflect on how important and lovely you are and how valuable you are to others, you'll make the sorts of decisions that lead to healthy skin, among other rewards.

            Eat good foods, stretch and sweat a little, drink plenty of water, enjoy caffeine and alcohol in moderation, and get the sleep your body deserves.

            It can be hard to be kind to yourself in the winter when there's no sun sparkling or birds singing or beaches to visit.  Infinitely harder when we factor in the realities of seasonal depression. But it is so important.

            I hope you'll shoot us a note if you are having a hard time managing it.”

            Adiya xo

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