January 03, 2021 2 min read

Happy New Year!


The first week of the new year is one of my favorites! There’s a “blank slate” sense newness, of limitless opportunity.  To be clear, I firmly believe there is nothing ever stopping us from creating the reality we want for ourselves, at any time of the year.  But January brings a heightened awareness of this beautiful, sparkling truth.


Just like Yubi is inspired by my time living in Japan as a young woman, I think some of my love for the New Year began there as well.  My friends and I would enjoy osechi ryori– traditional Japanese New Year’s meals – shared with us by kind neighbors.  And we would look forward every year to shopping for fukubukuro.


A fukubukuro – translated as “lucky bag” – was a sack stuffed with mystery delights, all bundled at a low price.  There might be a few items you had coveted during the year but never got around to buying, or other treats to discover and fall in love with.  I remember waiting hopefully in long lines with friends at some of my favorite department stores to grab one.  And being filled with hope and excitement when snagging amazing products at amazing prices.  The whole experience filled me with joy and the feeling that the year was already off to a perfect start. 


I’m thrilled to have worked with my team to offer our very first fukubukuro to you all this year.  While traditionally these lucky bags are entirely mysteries, we’ve decided to reveal one of the contents – a full size Perfect Polish Set!  Each set will contain one of these and a few other treats, all for the low price of $24.  I hope this offer inspires delight and joy in you and that your 2021 is filled with more of the same.


Yours in beauty,



P.S. The fukubukuro is a limited time offer, so grab yours today

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