November 01, 2020 1 min read

Friendship is Everything 


In my third year of law school, I was invited to my first Friendsgiving celebration.  It was thrown by a sister-friend, a dynamic female lawyer who is equal parts legal powerhouse and culinary queen.  About ten of us attended, each sharing tasty dishes, funny stories and positive energy.  It became a tradition that was the highlight of our calendar.   

Eventually, work demands and family responsibilities caused us to end the annual feast.  And some of us moved away.  Our Friendsgiving is now reduced to a group text, but through emojis and gossip and kind words we continue to support each other. And it was that very feeling that inspired me to build Yubi.

I continue to take this time every year to celebrate the power of women committed to lifting each other up. We are all a little bit alone and isolated these days.  So it may be harder to feel the warm glow of sisterly support.  Still, I hope you know that if you are receiving this, you are very much part of my sisterhood.  And that in all ways, I am rooting for you.  

I hope you'll join me by forwarding this message to your friends to let them know how much you love and value them.  And that they're welcome in this growing sisterhood.  




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