February 16, 2019 2 min read

Is your skin looking a little…ashy?  It’s cool, us too.  Blame the weird winter we’re having, the remnants of bad holiday eating habits (New Years resolutions kind of came and went) or failure to chug those much needed ounces of water.  Regardless of the exact cause, here we all are with skin looking dull and dry and in need of a little TLC.  Even with loads of skincare products on hand.

 But, even dry, you're still gorgeous

         (You're still beautiful dry tho... photo Ornella Binni via unsplash)

To help alleviate alligator skin, YUBI founder Adiya sat down on a Facebook live to talk with dermatologist Dr. Shari Hicks Graham.  Dr. Graham walked through her top tips to help make sure your skin is retaining its natural glow during the long final weeks of winter ahead. 


Dr. Graham is also the founder of LivSo, a 3-step shampoo, conditioning, and moisturizing treatment system. Like YUBI, LivSo was founded to solve a problem so many women have: in this case, dry skin.  



When it comes to the rest of your body, here are Dr. Graham’s top tips to locking in moisture during the winter:


  • Don’t take scalding hot showers. As awesome as lava-hot water feels on your skin on a cold day, don’t do it! Be as gentle as possible (while still being thorough) when showering.  Also, those showers should last around three minutes (which means our current showers are about 57 minutes too long currently).


  • Avoid fragrances. To keep your skin in great condition, consider moving to fragrance-free products. This goes double if you have sensitive skin. Fragrances and other additives could irritate your skin and exacerbate dryness.


  • Apply moisturizer and lotion right after your shower.Even before you leave your bathroom, have your moisturizer and lotion ready to apply. You want to seal in moisture while your skin is damp and dewy to promote optimal hydration.


  • Consistency, not expensive products, is key. You don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to get soft, healthy skin: consistency is more important than how expensive your products are. A $200 moisturizer won’t do you any good if you only apply it a few times a month or can’t afford to restock it regularly.


  • Struggling with dry, cracked skin? Vaseline may be your new secret weapon. If you have dry or cracked lips, elbows, or other problem areas, Vaseline is a great go-to. Consider mixing Vaseline with your favorite lotion and apply it post-shower if your skin needs an added boost of hydration. This also helps extend the life of your lotion and moisturizing products.


One last tip!  Make sure you are gently exfoliating with your YUBI Buff Brush.  Using YUBI regularly to wash your face and décolletage with an exfoliating cleanser will help get rid of dry, dead skin, making your skincare products more effective and your skin better hydrated.    




We have a few weeks left of this winter weather, let’s finish out strong, friends!  We hope these tips give you some relief now and set you up for a perfect spring glow. 

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