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There’s nothing worse than spending time on your makeup only to have it look patchy, streaky or cakey.  It’s enough to make you want to give up on beauty altogether!  But don’t fret, the secret to the smooth, gorgeous results you deserve are right at your fingertips. Read on for our six tips to melt that foundation into your skin.

1. Preparation is Everything

For good skin health it is important to always moisturize before applying foundation. We all know moisturizing your skin is important for skin health.  But it is important for smooth makeup results, too.  Even "hydrating" foundation formulas can have a drying effect that leaves your skin scaly and uneven.  So for the love of all things beautiful, please don’t skip this step! 

If you want your foundation to last all day, a primer is a good idea.  In addition to helping make your foundation last longer, silicone-based primers, in particular, are excellent for covering pores and fine lines.

Lastly, serums.  There’s been a crazy serum boom lately with the rise of skincare routines.  This is a good thing, as many of them are formulated with ingredients that promote skin health.  Be careful of active ingredients – too many acids, applied too frequently, can irritate the skin and give you bad results with your makeup, for example.  While they can be great for skin, they may not be necessary for great makeup results. 

*YUBI TIP*  If you are in a rush it's okay skip your primer and apply foundation with your Yubi Buff Brush. Yubi's velvety soft micro bristles may help reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines even without primer. While you can skip primer here and here, a good moisturizer is important for overall skin health, so we suggest always finding time for it!

2. Avoid Product Conflict

Are your moisturizer, primer and foundation at odds with each other?  If your products are formulated with different bases – oil, silicone, water – you may be in a “salad dressing” situation.  If the products don’t mix well, they will more easily separate and cake up on your face instead of blending smoothly. Consider switching products to use ones with bases that don’t conflict. 

*YUBI TIP* If you don't want to ditch your products completely, try blending them with our Yubi Buff Brush instead. Yubi's unique construction will help you blend across the bases, leaving you with a smooth even texture.

3. Choose the Right Formula

If you're using the wrong formula for your skin, it will be hard to get the smooth, gorgeous makeup results you deserve. Here are some loose guidelines: 

* In general, powder products are not ideal for dry skin, which craves additional hydration. If you have dry skin you're likely to enjoy better coverage and finish from a hydrating liquid product, or a creamy formula.

* The reverse is true for oily skin, which can look cakey or shiny when liquid formulas are applied. Even matte liquid formulas can give oily skin a shiny result, and excessive drying of oily skin may irritate pores.

* Cream products are generally recommended for all skin types, especially maturing skin, given their even hydrating power.

The most important thing here is to use the product that is right for YOU, regardless of what's trending on social media.  In all things life and makeup, authenticity makes everything more beautiful. 

*YUBI TIP*The good news is, a multipurpose tool like Yubi can help you get amazing results even if you aren't using the perfect formula. This is because Yubi helps you use less product and get more efficient coverage whether using liquid, cream or powder.

4. Use the Right Tool

In a study we conducted, 57% of women said they use their fingers to apply cosmetics every day. Using your fingers is fast and easy...but can lead to uneven results, bacteria transfer to your face and of course, messy hands. Traditional brushes are just paintbrushes, and were never designed for self application of cosmetics. That's why they're a little tricky to use and why results can be patchy, streaky, and clumpy. Sponges can are popular but they often leave your fingers messy and they're not great for handling a variety of products. They also drink up a lot of product, so they're not ideal for application. (Think wasted $$$!). And silicone blenders just smear product across the surface of your face, where it pools in some areas.

*YUBI TIP* For amazing results consistently with all your makeup products, Yubi is your best option. With plush vegan bristles the Yubi Buff Brush applies product smoothly and with minimal product waste. Its patented design allows you to use less pressure on your skin, so you can enjoy a gentler application with reduced risk of damage. Our Buff and Blend Duo combines the power of brushes and sponges - apply and blend with your Buff Brush and then switch to the Blend Sponge to grab any excess product that might result in creases, patches and clumps.

 5. Strip down. 

Excess dead skin cells can interfere with the finish of your makeup. Removing them 2 - 3 times a week with an exfoliating cleanser can help give you a smoother surface for your makeup. But be careful - exfoliating every day may have the opposite result, as excessive skin removal may irritate your skin and lead to poor skin health and results.

*YUBI TIP* Try using your Buff Brush with an exfoliating cleanser and prepare to be amazed. Yubi is the only brush on the market that can be used for makeup and skincare application and cleansing. We're meeting busy women like you where you are with simple tools that aim to support your beauty needs.

6. Clean Up.

When life is so busy it's understandable that we end up taking short cuts in our beauty routine! But forgetting to properly remove your makeup at night can have implications beyond makeup-stained pillowcases. Clogged pores can lead to breakouts and uneven texture. The result is a bumpy surface that you have to apply increasing amounts of product to cover. Which in turn makes makeup removal more difficult. It's a vicious cycle. A makeup wipe or eraser cloth may be helpful as an additional step, but they may not be as effective on their own in removing build up as a cleanser and water.

*YUBI TIP* Though Yubi can help you get smooth results even with textured skin, we want your skin to stay fresh and glowing! Try using a gentle makeup cleansing formula to completely wash away residue, or pair a foaming formula with your Yubi Buff Brush for a luxuriously lovely cleansing experience.


Whether you're a newbie or expert, we hope these tips make getting the smooth foundation results you deserve a breeze.  Yubi is putting beauty at your fingertips - no go forth and slay! 

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Candice Menzemer

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I’m anxious to try these Yubi tools. I believe in good brushes!!

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