April 28, 2020 3 min read

If you told me a year ago that I would be writing a blog post on “How to Wear a Mask Over Your Makeup” I would say…no, I wouldn’t say anything.  I’d be too weirded out.  At that point in my life, long before Covid-19, all my conversations about “masking” related to skincare treatments or, also, sometimes, “my emotions” - but that’s an issue for another day. 


We are all coming to grips with the new realities of life, including the need to wear masks pretty much everywhere.  Wearing a mask during a pandemic (can you believe I just wrote that?) is not only a smart move for your safety and the protection of your community, but in a lot of places it is actually government ordered!  And as workplaces open and company mask polices go into place, there’s a single, critical question that we’re all asking:  How do you wear a mask over your makeup?”


If you’ve ever worn a mask over your makeup you know what a disastrous mess that can be.  Wearing a mask over your makeup can leave your makeup ruined and also stain your mask.  Which is a shame because they are in short supply, and honestly some of the homemade ones are soo cute!   Worse yet for beauty lovers, wearing a mask over your makeup can waste tons of product.  If you want to save product and spare your mask, read on for my five tips on how to wear a mask over your makeup:


  1. Exfoliate

This doesn’t sound right, but I promise it is.  If you have a ton of dead skin on the surface of your face, the makeup you apply over it will build up and sit right on top of your face.  The mask you apply then might as well be a giant Kleenex, wiping off the excess from the surface.  Try giving your face a massage with your favorite exfoliating cleanser and our Buff Brush for smoother results and less product excess. 


  1. Use a waterproof foundation

Breathing under your mask creates condensation which may make your foundation run or sweat.  If your pandemic beauty style is anti-foundation minimalist, this is no issue for you.  But for folks like me (and so many of you) that continue to wear foundation, it’s time to find a good waterproof, long wear formula. These waterproof formulas won’t move as much under your mask  which means they’ll stay put longer and keep your mask from getting totally ruined.. 


  1. Apply right

For the love of Dr. Fauci, please don’t use your fingers to apply your makeup.  It has never been a good idea, but now more than ever, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Even when applied with freshly washed hands, makeup is more likely to be over applied and wind up cakey when applied with your fingers.  The excess makeup is not only wasteful, it will rub right off on the surface of your mask almost as soon as you put it on.  A great tool like our Buff and Blend Duo will help you get amazing results without over applying product.  So your skin will look fabulous and your mask will stay fresh. 


  1. Use a setting spray

Remember that bottle of setting spray you bought a few months ago on a whim?  It’s time to bring it out and put it to good use.  A setting spray is essential to keep your foundation from moving.  It will lock in your foundation and help keep it from transferring onto your mask.  Note that if you're using long wear foundation and locking it in with a setting spay, please make sure you are washing your face well to remove it all at the end of the day. 


  1. Give up

Omg no, don’t give up!  But if you do decide makeup is too much for you these days, in light of, um, well everything, I totally get it. Between the masks and the homeschooling and endless video conferences, it’s all soooo much!  But if you decide to take a step away from your regularly scheduled makeup routine, promise you’ll at least adhere to a solid skincare regimen.  Taking a little time for yourself to enjoy a beauty routine, whether applying makeup or skincare treatments, is more important to your mental health than ever.  


For those of you who are sticking with a makeup routine, I hope these little tips will help you wear your mask over your makeup without transferring product. So you can keep glowing and keep those masks fresh and cute like you. 

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