November 18, 2018 2 min read

(image credit:  Kim Bubello for TIME)

I was in a small business seminar when I received the email notification. “I am pleased to let you know...” the preview began, and then cut out. It was from a address.  I knew Yubi was being considered for a spot on the Best Inventions list.  But I knew better than to expect to win. 


How cruel, I thought as I tapped the screen to open the message. What monster would start a “you didn’t win” email with “I’m pleased to let you know”? But before I could go all the way to 100 with my disappointment, my emotions were vaulted 100% in the opposite direction.


"I’m pleased to let you know that Yubi Fingertip Brush has been selected as one of TIME Magazine's 2018 Best Inventions."


The room began to spin. I stood up, dizzy, my heartbeat irregular. A quick scan of the room brought a little relief - I was certain at least one of those kind looking people would call 911 for me if I passed out.


By some miracle I made it to a small bathroom. And I did the most epic happy dance of my life. I hope there is no security camera footage. 


I’m blown away! Being selected for Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions, our little Yubi joins impressive ranks. The little brush you and I have come to love sits alongside other dazzling products created by hundred person teams from multi-billion dollar, multi-national companies, startup babies incubated in highly networked silicon valley labs, and products that have existed for years with wide distribution in the US and abroad. 


By contrast, Yubi is 4 months old. I count from the day I left my job to nurture this, my third baby. I have a core team of 4, 2 of whom I brought on last week! I have no outside investors; we are funded by savings. And your purchases, by which I am humbled and honored repeatedly every day. By all accounts, this award should have been out of reach. But I believe this is just evidence that nothing is out of reach, for any of us.    


While I am so grateful for the Time award, I measure my true success by how I serve and delight you. The speed of our fulfillment, response time to emails and text messages, which I read personally. The positive feedback about our packaging, the gentle softness of our bristles and how easy (and fun!) applying your cosmetics has become. Your happy notes about how your skin glows after using your Yubi, the compliments you get on your makeup and how you take Yubi on your travels, saving space without sacrificing beauty. I do happy dances every day, thanks to you.      


So as we enter this season of gratitude, I thank you for your support and feedback in these early days. And I look forward to continuing to serve and delight you.

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