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Ok, that was clickbait, but I needed your attention.  While I don’t know for sure whether lashes can make you a millionaire (#dreambig) I am confident that a good pair can pave the way to micro successes in your personal and professional life.  I’m going to go further and say that every woman needs a good set of fake lashes in her arsenal.  Because good lashes applied correctly can become a key weapon in your fight for, well, whatever it is you are fighting for in this life.  Here’s why:

So Childish.

If you have kids, or have ever seen one, you’ve probably noted the length of their sweet baby eyelashes.   My son sometimes finds me creepily staring at him while he’s eating dinner or watching “just one more video, I promise, pretty please” on his ipad.  And I’ll admit I’ve considered buying bright blue mascara for my three year old because man, how awesome would it look on her mile long lashes.  Without waxing poetic on how we are fearfully and wonderfully made, I’ll just say that kids typically have bomb lashes and it is for a reason.  It makes us like them more. 

Isn’t that awful?  But legit, it is the same reason mascara exists.  Features like long lashes, soft button noses and chins, disproportionately large eyes and a soft fringe of baby hair are, for whatever wild biological reason, endearing to us.  And when we see them they grab our attention.

When you apply lashes –  good lashes – you are creating the illusion of youth.  But not just like, fresh faced 22 year old youth.  Actual toddler, play doh eating, nap taking, bubble-blowing youth.  It is less sexy than it is, well, childish. Good lashes grab attention and melt hearts.  People are drawn in.  They want to listen and help and are easier to engage.  

If your feminist hairs are rising on the back of your neck, I hear you.  To be crystal clear, I neither advocate nor condone infantilization of adults – men or women.  Nor do I believe that women need to act or look like children to be taken seriously (I did very well for 35+ years without lashes, for the record).  But I also don’t believe there is anything wrong with leveraging a weird biological quirk to help you accomplish good things on this planet, for yourself and others. 

Importantly, probably most importantly, I find wearing lashes - good lashes - gives me a little extra boost of happiness.  They're fun to wear, pleasantly surprising when you catch your reflection and usually cost very little.  This alone is the perfect reason to wear them.    

What are "good" lashes?

We have all seen lashes that are over the top.  I’ve personally worn some – including on my wedding day which I regret a bit looking at my photos.  I'm not saying those lashes aren't good, they're just less appropriate for every day, especially if you have a corporate job.  I find the larger, more obvious lashes draw attention in an unhelpful way and can distract rather than enhance. If you're struggling, here are a few tips for how to pick and wear good ones for you:

 1. Lashes for everyday wear should enhance the natural shape of your eye, not completely alter it. If you put them on and feel like you don’t recognize yourself, they are not ones you should wear every day.  Save them for weekends or parties or times when life calls for some fabulous drama.  Sometimes I wear them to spice up laundry night, for example.

2. Pay attention to the shape of your face and the length between your lash line and your brow.  For example, I have a narrow face and an average sized space between my lash line and my brow.  That means a lot of the bigger, fluffy lashes simply won’t work for me, certainly not for every day.

3. Lashes should be trimmed to fit your eye. Oddly, I typically don’t have to trim mine for retail brands, but I find internet brands seem to run a bit longer.

4. Unlike a lot of cosmetic products, high price does not necessarily indicate quality/usability. My favorite eye shadow palettes are 10x the cost of lower end options, but perform, blend and wash off 20x better.  With lashes however, there are some lovely inexpensive options that outperform high priced ones.  Translation:  grab a few cheap ones and experiment.

5. Use an adhesive that comes with a wand and a brush, not a tube that applies like toothpaste. The adhesive will apply so much better and you’ll have less risk of getting it all over the lashes (and yours).

6. You don’t need to wear mascara with them.  That’s the whole point – falsies give the extra pop without mascara.

7. Strip lashes can and should be reused. You can even gently wash them, but I find with such a low price point I have little incentive to do that.

8. Like makeup, I don’t think falsies should be worn every day.

Can you just tell us which ones are good?

Yes.  I was going to give you a run down of a bunch of lashes but girl, you ain't got time for that.  You want the one product that is going to work, and here it is:  Ardell Baby Wispies

The Baby Wispies, not the regular Wispies, which are also nice but don’t blend in or look as believable as the Baby Wispies.   I keep these on hand like canned goods and gallon jugs of water stored for the coming apocalypse.  It is a great product.  The strip is clear and soft, making it easier to conform to the curve of your eyelid.  I find the length just right, both of the strip and the lashes.   Long without being too dramatic.  A believable length, so you don’t look like you’re walking around with goose feathers glued to your lids.  They are not necessarily sexy lashes, so might not be enough for date night, but they offer the perfect enhancement for every day. 

And they are cheap, so if you hate them, which you won't, you won't be filled with rage and regret.  

LMK your thoughts.  Is it inappropriate to wear lashes in a professional environment?  What are your go-to lashes? 

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