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Are you ready to discover the mysteries of flawless skin?

Foundation evens out your skin tone, makes your face glow, and forms the base for all of your other makeup...and yet, it’s definitely one of the most challenging products to get right.

Perhaps your skin still looks dry, cakey, or patchy after application? Or maybe your foundation looks streaky and unnatural? It can be tempting to blame these issues on your foundation (itis important to get the right product for your skin type) but theremight be some other causespreventing you from achieving a flawless finish. So before you chuck your foundation away, let us share our secrets onhow to apply foundation like a professional.

Now, repeat these mantras after me:

Secret #1 Look after your skin, from forehead to chin

Foundation 👏 works 👏 best 👏 on 👏 healthy 👏 skin 👏

Cleanse, moisturize, repeat (twice a day), and with occasional exfoliation thrown in for good measure! Maintaining a consistent skin care routine to prevent clogged pores and to remove any dry skin and dirt will ensure that you have thebest possible canvas for foundation. Not only will this mitigate the issue of dry and patchy coverage, but it will also ensure that your foundation adheres evenly to your skin.

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Secret #2 Don’t waste a dime, take time to prime

The first step in achieving flawless foundation is using a great base: primers make your makeup last longer and help improve how even everything looks after application. How does primer do these amazing things?  Well, thismakeup essential smooths out any cracks, lumps, or bumps on your face tocreate an even surface for easy blending.

A little primer goes a very long way and will reduce the amount of foundation you’ll need for full-face coverage (not to mention the touch-ups you’ll no longer have to do)! Seriously, you’re wasting your foundation if you don’t prime your skin beforehand.

Secret #3 Only a fool won’t use a beauty tool

A woman applying flawless foundation using a makeup brush

It’s time to put the fingers away and use a beauty tool instead! Using your fingers canlead to acne breakouts and you’ll struggle to get even coverage. The best way to apply foundation is with acruelty-free makeup brush with dense bristles. This will give you buttery smooth coverage, less wasted product, and no more gross makeup-covered fingers! You could also use a wet beauty sponge...but more on that in a bit!

Secret #4 Apply in the light, have coverage ‘til midnight

Lighting has a profound effect on how well foundation is applied, which is why professional makeup artists will always insist on a well-lit setup. Natural light is always going to be the best since it is evenly diffused and has clear quality. Putting on your makeup insoft, natural light will enable you to easily spot any flaws so that you can blend everything in smoothly.

A woman sat in a well-lit room about to put on her makeup

If you can’t find a space by a window or in a naturally bright room like the one in the picture above, then artificial white LED light is the next best thing. Try to find a light that’s not too cool and not too warm and make sure that it’s set up directly in front of your face, otherwise, you risk creating shadows, leading to uneven application.

Secret #5 Use your sponge wet for flawless toilette

Soaking your sponge in water and then wringing it out will cause it to swell, preventing it from absorbing all of your product. Not only will this save you money, but it will also improve performance and you’ll find thatyour foundation will glide on more smoothly, giving you a streak-free finish.

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Secret #6 Let foundation set so you can forget

The average person touches their faceover 69 times an hour, which is not the best habit when trying to achieve flawless foundation all day long. Luckily, the beauty industry invented the perfect product to protect our coverage: setting powder.

Use gentle sweeping motions to lightly dust your face with this magical product and your makeup will be set to go until you’re ready to take it off again!

Secret #7 It won’t work a jot to cover that spot

A woman putting on concealer for extra coverage to achieve best makeup results

Foundation is not designed to cover flaws. Instead, its purpose is to even out skin tone. Applying concealer to any areas that needextra coverage will help hide blemishes, which means you won’t have to use as much foundation. This also helps with pesky redness, spots, and dark circles under the eyes. Fill these up after applying your foundation for the best results!

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