April 21, 2021 4 min read

Lockdown has been a challenge and I spent most of it on the sofa looking like a hot mess but - fingers crossed - things are heading back to normal now.

It’s time for us to go back to living our lives and I’m determined to reemerge looking like a snack, whether that’s to socialize with friends, attend in-person meetings, or even just to go shopping for essentials. Why?  Because we can!

On the other hand, I’ve forgotten how to put on a smart pair of pants, let alone which products I need for a full face of makeup!

Luckily, while  makeup trends have definitely changed, a few simple makeup essentials for your stand the test of time. Whether you already have some of them in your makeup bag or your collection is due an upgrade, we’ve listed all of the essentials you’ll need for your face, eyes, and lips to help you  achieve that flawless finish.

Makeup Essentials for the Face, Eyes, and Lips

The  Yubi team has put together some of our favorite must-have makeup items suitable for both beginners and pro makeup artists, from that pore disguising primer to the gorgeous glow-inducing bronzer, jaw-dropping red lip stain, and dusty pink eyeshadow.

For more guidance on how to apply your essentials, check out our makeup tutorials.

1. Primer

Primer is the number 1 essential makeup product

Yubi's Top Pick: Photo Finish Vitamin Glow Primer

Is primer necessary for makeup? Absolutely. Many makeup artists will agree that primer is one of the most essential makeup products, one that every girl should have in their collection.

The main purpose of a primer is to smooth out your skinand provide an even surface for other makeup, such as foundation. However, they are also fantastic for controlling sebum production, concealing acne, moisturizing, smoothing out bumpy texture, and blending any discoloration.

How to use it

2. BB Cream

A tube of BB Cream

Yubi's Top Pick: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

BB cream is a great alternative to using foundation that provides lighter coverage and moisturizing properties for a more natural look. Some of them even act as a primer as well, making them an all-in-one product for face coverage.

How to use it

3. Foundation

A must-have makeup item, Turn Up the Base Foundation

Yubi's Top Pick: One Size Turn Up The Base Powder Foundation


Since it provides a clear and even skin tone, wearing foundation can give us more confidence in our appearance, which is why it's essential makeup for many of us.

Finding the right foundation for your skin tone and type can seem daunting but there are now many online tools to help, such as  Sephora's Color IQ.

How to use it

4. Concealer

An essential bottle of concealer with the brush applicator

Yubi's Top Pick: Rare Beauty's Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer

Concealer is another must-have makeup item because almost all of us have experienced the dread of waking up with a massive zit on the end of our nose.

Use it to cover up blemishes, conceal acne, hide those dark eye circles, or disguise discoloration.

How to use it

5. Blush

Blush makeup

Yubi's Top Pick: Ambient Lighting Blush Collection by Hourglass

The danger of using foundation is that it can make our faces look artificial. A bit of blush color here and there is essential for a more natural appearance to show that we still have blood flowing through our veins.

Just ensure that you buy a blush similar to your natural flush tone and don't be too heavy handed, otherwise you risk entering clown territory!

How to use it

6. Bronzer Duo

A bronzer duo makeup collection

Yubi's Top Pick: lilah b. Bronzed Beauty™ Bronzer Duo

For those of us looking for that sun-kissed look after being stuck inside for too long, then bronzer is an essential makeup product!

We recommend only choosing a few shades darker than your natural skin tone and be aware that your natural color will change the more you are exposed to the sun, so choosing a bronzer palette/duo might be more suitable if your skin darkens easily.

How to use it

7. Fingertip Makeup Brush


Yubi's Top Pick: The Purifiber Buff and Blend Duo

While you could use your fingers to apply makeup, touching your face with dirty hands can aggravate acne-prone skin and lead to breakouts.

Instead, why not reach for a fingertip makeup brush to achieve the same precision and speed but without getting germs all over your face, or makeup all over your fingers.

How to use it

8. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette full of essential makeup colors

Yubi's Top Pick: Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette Aether Beauty

No matter what trends are in, the natural makeup look will always be in style so be sure to invest in a neutral eyeshadow palette.

Choosing a palette will enable you to mix and match colors to suit your mood, perfect for both day and night!

How to use it

9. Waterproof Eyeliner

A must-have waterproof gel eyeliner

Yubi's Top Pick: tarte SEA Surfer Curl™ Waterproof Eyeliner 

Eyeliner can really make your eyes pop, which is why it's an essential makeup product for that post-lockdown mask makeup. Investing in a waterproof eyeliner will ensure that it is suitable for all seasons of the year.

It's also a particularly handy tool for widening the eyes and making us look less tired - check out our 5 minute makeup hacks to learn how to tightline your eyes!

How to use it

10. Brown Mascara

Brown eye mascara bottle and wand product

Yubi's Top Pick: Bold Lash Mascara Inika Organic

Whether you want length, curl, or thickened eyelashes, there's a mascara suitable for everyone!

A brown mascara is perfect for a more natural everyday look.

How to use it

11. Lip Stain

Essential lip stain in red

Yubi's Top Pick: Bite Beauty's Outburst Longwear Lip Stain

Even if you wear a mask over your mouth and nose all day, you'll still want to plump up your lips just in case.

A lip stain is essential makeup for those mask days because it doesn't smudge but your lips will still look oh so kissable!

How to use it

12. Setting Spray 

Makeup setting spray with a clean at Sephora badge

Yubi's Top Pick: MILK MAKEUP Hydro Grip Setting/Refreshing Spray

This important makeup product is going to keep all of your makeup in place, whatever the day has to throw at you!

Pick one with moisturizing properties to keep your face feeling fresh all day long.

How to use it


What Are Your Must-Have Makeup Items?

We'd love to hear from you! Have we missed any of your favorite products? What basic makeup essentials do you own? Please drop us a comment to let us know.

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