February 24, 2021 4 min read

Have you fallen into the trap?

You know, the one where we roll out of bed, pull on the same old raggedy pair of sweatpants and the one clean blouse we have so we can look presentable in our Zoom calls in between homeschooling lessons.

A busy mum working from home with pyjamas and no makeup on

But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a busy mom, it’s that taking the time to get ready in the morning can have a profound effect on the rest of the day.

Moms are Queens of Time Management

As moms, we are already Queens of time management. What used to take us 20 minutes now only takes us 5, as we somehow manage to fit another dozen tasks into our morning routines. 

A busy mom looking for quick makeup tips on her laptop while her kids run around in the background

So why don’t we apply that same skill to look after ourselves more?

We can all agree that spending more time to get ready and put on a little makeup can help us feel more human and prepared for the day ahead. Moreover, by prioritizing our own needs we are more able to bring our entire selves into caring for our little ones.

If Rosa Parks and Madame CJ Walker had time to practice self-care, so can we.

Which is why, without using up too much more of your precious time, I have compiled these  quick makeup tips for busy moms, as well as my go-to  5 minute mom makeup routine!

Quick Makeup Tips for Moms

Here are some of our top makeup tips for moms to help you make your routine more efficient:

Mom Tip #1: Use multipurpose products

Multipurpose beauty products are perfect for busy moms!

Instead of waiting for your moisturizer to dry before adding suncream, you can use one that contains SPF. You could even use a tinted BB cream instead of foundation to give your skin that healthy glow.

Mom Tip #2: Use an overnight moisturizer

Good skin care is essential to flawless makeup application, but many of us moms don’t have time in the mornings for a full self-care routine. Instead, why not take a few minutes to quickly apply some overnight moisturizer after your kids have gone to bed? 

That way you can leave the beauty product to do its magic and wake up with your skin just that little bit more prepared for your 5 minute mom makeup routine!

Mom Tip #3: Use an all-in-one makeup brush

Remove the hassle of hunting around the house trying to find 5 different brushes your kids have hidden by investing in an all-in-one makeup brush.


An all-in-one brush suitable for a 5 minute mom makeup routine


For example, our  Buff and Blend Duo allows you to apply both beauty and makeup products with our interchangeable brush and sponge heads.

Our patented fingertip design allows you to exert superior control over your makeup application without leaving messy product on your fingers. This means you can absolutely boss being a mom by holding baby in one arm and applying your makeup quickly and easily with the other!



5 Steps for a 5 Minute Mom Makeup Routine

Using my own experience, as well as tips I have gathered from many of you gorgeous moms, here is my step-by-step guide to super quick 5 minute mom makeup:

Step 1: One-step foundation & concealer

Make people think you got some sleep last night with my 15 second glow-up hack for busy moms.



Dab a few drops of foundation onto the main areas of your face using a densely bristled makeup brush like the  Yubi Buff Brush and then add concealer to your problem areas. Now simply blend in!

Follow up by using our squishy  Blend Sponge to press and set your foundation and concealer while absorbing any excess (make sure you wet and squeeze it first).



Step 2: Apply blush

Give your cheeks a flush of life with your favorite blusher.

Gently pat blush to your cheeks before making circular motions to blend out. Then add more if required.

Accidentally apply too much blush because your kids are swinging from your arms pretending to be Tarzan?

Don’t panic! Fix your blush quickly and easily by using our  Miracle Blend Sponge to blend even your biggest blunder into a flawless finish:



Step 3: Apply eyeshadow

To wake up tired eyes, choose an eyeshadow to complement your eye color.

To do this, use this  eyeshadow color wheel and pick a shade that is opposite your eye color.

Apply the eyeshadow in a windscreen wiper motion (back and forth) along the crease of your eyelid using the tip of your Yubi Buff Blush.

Step 4: Tightline your lids

Ever heard of tightlining? It’s a really quick and easy way to achieve that bright and wide-eyed look using eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow without having to riskily wave a wet mascara wand around.

Gently dab between each upper eyelash, trying to get as close to the roots as possible, and hey presto!


Step 5: Tint your lips

Instead of spending time applying and reapplying lipstick, busy moms will benefit from using a lip tint.

These handy makeup products stain the lips, which means they tend to stay on longer without smudging, turning patchy, or getting all over your teeth.

Don’t forget to add a cleaning step to your 5 minute mom makeup routine.

Make your makeup last longer, get better results, and keep your skin healthy by regularly cleaning your makeup brush with our1, 2, Fresh method - the best makeup hack for busy moms. Don’t worry, it’s super quick!



What’s your favorite makeup hack? Do you have any quick makeup tips for moms? We’d love to know! Please share them in the comments section below.

And remember, you’re a goddess!



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