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An Instagram message asking "How can I repurpose my old Yubi makeup sponge?"

Are you hoarding a bunch of old makeup sponges that you don’t know what to do with?

Environmental sustainability is important to us and, after being inspired by some of our gorgeously compassionate customers, we decided to put our thinking caps on and come up with several innovative ways to repurpose old makeup sponges.

So whether you’ve made it your resolution to implement a more  sustainable beauty routine this year or you’re simply trying to cut down on your waste, we’ve got some great ideas to get you started!

Can’t I just keep using my sponge to do makeup?

We totally get that you guys want to make your beauty routine as sustainable as possible but no makeup sponge (or brush) will last forever!

Find out why you should replace your makeup sponge (right now).

An old Yubi makeup sponge waiting to be repurposed

14 Ways to Reuse Yubi:

There are so many ways you can repurpose old makeup sponges! Here are 14 of our best sustainable suggestions (just make sure you  clean your sponge before you reuse it):

1. Speed up your paint job

Does your furniture need sprucing up a little but don’t fancy buying a bunch of expensive paintbrushes that you’ll only use once? Repurpose your old makeup sponge and use that instead!


Not only will your old dresser get that  perfect flawless coverage 😉  but your old Yubi Blend Sponge can be clicked into our patented fingertip wing design to prevent your fingers and hands from getting dirty.

2. Fingerpaint with the kids

Whip out your old makeup sponge next time you teach an art class to your kids. Let them finally get their hands on your favorite beauty tool so they can paint rainbows and butterflies to pin up on your fridge.

Great, you’ve got them preoccupied for 5 minutes! Take that time to practice some self-care by trying out some of our  super easy makeup hacks for moms!

3. Do arts and crafts hazard-free

Another great idea for occupying your kids; repurpose your makeup sponge as a glue applicator. The tapered end enables you to delicately apply non-toxic adhesive to fiddly crafts.

Or, prevent accidental glue spillages by turning the entire thing into a glue sponge:


4. Remove unwanted leg hair or apply sunscreen

If you prefer smooth to au naturel, you could reuse your Yubi sponge to apply depilatory cream to your legs.

A woman reusing her makeup sponge to apply sunscreen

To prevent your hands from getting greasy, you could also use it to apply sunscreen!

5. Create beautiful ombre nail art

This is one of our favorite ways to repurpose old makeup sponges and a fantastic way to make your beauty routine more sustainable. 

Watch the video for a tutorial on how to use a sponge: 


6. Separate those toes

Prevent bunions, reduce pain from plantar fasciitis,  improve your balance during a barefoot workout, and protect your newly painted toenails by cutting an old makeup sponge into pieces and placing them between the toes as separators. 

7. Conceal your nipples

Wearing a tight dress or top and need some extra protection? Repurpose makeup sponges as nipple covers or use them to make a spongy pair of nipple tassels - whatever floats your boat!

8. Keep your earrings safe

Make your own cute jewelry case and glue your old Yubi sponge inside to create a storage space for your stud earrings. Now you can travel around without losing your earrings  and  you’ve sustainably reused your old makeup tool. 


9. Make a wrist pincushion

Glue your Yubi makeup sponge to a thick strip of elastic and turn it into a wrist pincushion. This super handy tool will keep your pins safe and easily accessible to speed up your sewing game.


You could even cover it in a pretty fabric to glam it up a bit!

10. Prevent blisters

You know those gorgeous boots you can’t wear because they give you blisters? Use some glue or double-sided sticky tape to attach your old sponge inside the heel - now you can wear them pain-free!

A woman with shiny clean boots cleaned sustainably

11. Clean screens and camera lenses

Repurposing your makeup sponge as a cleaner is really easy and effective. Simply spritz it with some screen or lens cleaner and wipe away those smudges.

12. Buff out scuffs

Give your favorite pair of heels new life by reusing your sponge as a buffer - no more scratches or scuffs!

An example of makeup sponges being repurposed sustainably as heel cushions

13. Wipe away window dirt and mold

Use your makeup sponge to clean those difficult nooks and crannies, such as your window frames, to get rid of pesky dirt and mold. Believe us, it makes the world of difference!

14. Dust your succulent

The Yubi Blend Sponge is perfect for dusting small and delicate items around your home. Why not try it out to clean the tiny leaves of your favorite succulent plant?

Repurpose makeup sponges as succulent dusters

How do you repurpose your makeup sponge?

We’d love to know how you reuse your old Yubi sponge, share your innovative ideas by tagging @yubibeauty on Insta for a chance to be featured on our stories.

Don’t forget to buy a Blend Sponge replacement head before you repurpose your last one!

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