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Hey beautiful!

Are you ready to blend makeup like a pro?

Whether you’re a total beginner or already a makeup expert, our interchangeable Yubi makeup brush set complete with buff brush and blend sponge is the best duo for all your makeup needs.

Yubi's makeup brush set (blend and buff) for all makeup types

It’s quite simply the perfect solution for applying skincare products or to blend liquid, cream, or powder makeup for a smooth, streak-free finish.

There’s a reason we won  Time’s 2018 Best Beauty Invention of the Year and we’re still going strong in 2021.

A woman demonstrating how to use the best makeup brush

But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll demonstrate why Yubi’s Perfect Polish Set is one of the best makeup brush sets on the market.

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We’ve put together some answers for your FAQs, a buyer’s guide, and tips and tricks to help you decide which makeup brush set is best for you.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What are the different types of makeup brushes?
  • Makeup brushes vs. fingers
  • Brushes vs. sponges
  • A buyer’s guide to makeup brushes (what to look for)
  • What kind of brush is best for foundation?
  • Why is it important to buy a good makeup brush set?

What Are the Different Types of Makeup Brushes?

The world of beauty can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming and makeup brushes are the perfect example.

Have you ever bought a makeup brush set with 8+ brushes and wondered what on earth they are all for?

To help you work out what they do, we’ve detailed 8 of the most popular brushes:

1. All-in-one brush

All-in-one makeup brushes can be used to replace a variety of makeup tools, for products such as foundation, powder, blush, and even eye makeup.

While each of the makeup brushes mentioned below has unique uses, the average woman does not need to own this many brushes! It’s simply not necessary, especially since we now have all-in-one brushes that can do the job of many.

An all-in-one makeup brush set for all your makeup needs

For example, Yubi’s Perfect Polish Set is brilliant for applying all of your makeup and skincare products by replacing at least 9 makeup brushes and sponges.

Yes, I want simplicity!

    2. Foundation brush

    These usually have a flat-top, domed, or tapered head made from short and dense bristles, providing a well-diffused application of foundation for a flawless finish.

    3. Powder brush


    Big fluffy brushes used to distribute loose or pressed powder across the face.

    4. Blush brush


    Used to buff out harsh lines and apply color to the cheeks, blush brushes are rounded and made from soft and fluffy bristles.

    5. Contour brush

    Contour brushes are often angled and flat, allowing for that precision required to expertly enhance your facial features.

    6. Eye shadow brush

    Soft and flat makeup brushes designed to fit around the eye socket to transfer color to your eyelids. They can also be used to apply eye shadow to the lower and upper lash lines.

    7. Lip brush

    These small brushes are usually angled with a flat, tapered shape. Designed to apply color to the lips, as well as blending lip liner and lipstick.

    8. Blending brush


    These come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the area you want to blend. Blending brushes used for eyeshadow application are usually larger and fluffier than the eye shadow brushes.

    Makeup Brushes Vs. Fingers

    They say that a bad workman always blames his tools but we’re pretty sure Leonardo da Vinci wouldn’t have been able to paint Mona Lisa using just his fingers.

    Makeup brush vs. fingers

    Our fingers simply aren’t the right tools for the job.


    Because they lead to uneven application of foundation, not to mention the  increased risk of breakouts!

    Brushes Vs. Sponges

    Brushes tend to work better with powder-based products, while sponges are great for flawless foundation cover, as well as mixing and blending colors. The best makeup set for all-in-one makeup application will include a brush and a sponge.

    Yubi interchangeable makeup brush and sponge set

    According to  Abraham Sprinkle, NYC-based hair and makeup artist, it’s all about the finish you want to achieve.

    "If I want a seamless wash or blend, I love a sponge, but for saturation or precision, I use a brush."

    A Buyer’s Guide to Makeup Brushes (What to Look For)

    We’ve put together some features to look for in a good makeup brush set:

    1. Long-lasting

    No makeup brush will last forever but some will last longer than others. If it’s shedding bristles before you even buy it, stay well clear!

    Look for a brush with high-quality and long-lasting bristles that’s also easy to clean.

    Can I extend the life of my makeup brush?

    2. Great coverage

    Buying a makeup brush with evenly-distributed dense bristles will ensure that you get that flawless finish. 

    Follow our step-by-step tutorials to learn how to apply makeup flawlessly

    Check out the video below to see how Yubi provides the perfect coverage:

    3. Precision

    The easier a brush is to use, the more precise your makeup application. So if you find thin and long handles difficult to grip onto, we recommend buying a brush with  fingertip precision.

    I need precision!

    4. Cruelty-free

    Aside from the fact that using a cruelty-free brush is the more humane choice, brushes with vegan bristles are definitely the more budget-friendly and hygienic choice. This is because, unlike animal hair bristles, they don’t ‘drink’ your makeup products or trap dirt and bacteria. Plus, they’re much easier to clean!

    A bunny rabbit representing cruelty-free brush

    5. Densely-packed bristles

    Dense brushes with shorter fibers are better at applying a higher concentration of product across your skin and your coverage will be more even.

    6. Great reviews - tried & tested


    Always check out online reviews before you buy a makeup brush! If plenty of people have vouched for its effectiveness, then it’s much more likely to do what it says on the tin.

    See what others have to say!

    What Kind of Brush is Best for Foundation?

    Depending on the type of foundation you use, you might want to choose a different brush (or sponge).

    Luckily, Yubi's Perfect Polish Set comes with a Buff Brush and  Blend Sponge for all of your makeup needs.

    Here are a few pointers to help you decide between brush and sponge when applying foundation:

    Liquid and Cream Foundation

    The best makeup brush for cream and liquid foundation will have evenly distributed dense bristles to ensure perfect coverage across the face.

    Choose a brush with  vegan bristles as those made from animal hairs will ‘drink’ your products and trap bacteria and dirt.

    Dense makeup brush bristles won't drink liquid foundation

    Alternatively, some prefer to use a makeup sponge for a more natural, blended finish. Just be careful if you have dry skin as using a blending sponge can aggravate it further, in which case a brush might be a better option.

    Powder Foundation

    For dry foundation, using a soft brush is much better than a sponge as it evenly disperses the powder across your face. 

    Why is it Important to Buy a Good Makeup Brush?

    Ultimately, the best makeup brush set will make your makeup application a pleasant and rewarding experience.

    Buy the wrong brush and you risk aggravating your skin, spending more money on beauty products, and *shock horror* leaving the house with patchy coverage!

    We designed our Yubi Perfect Polish Set with  you in mind.

    Yubi is the best makeup brush and sponge set

    It ticks all the boxes of the perfect makeup brush set and its simple yet intuitive design makes it suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to makeup specialists.

    Give me perfect coverage!

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