Foundation Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for new foundation and feeling a little intimidated?  We got you!  Answer the questions below and take this along with you on your shopping trip.  You'll be glowing in no time.


1. What is your skin type?

a. I’m Dry - (Consider cream, liquid or cushion formulas)

b. I’m Normal - (Consider liquid formulas)

c. I’m Oily – (Consider powder or matte liquid formulas)

d. I’m Combination – (Most of us are this, so experimenting is best!)


2. How sensitive is your skin?

a. Not too sensitive – I rarely get breakouts (Lucky you!)

b. Somewhat sensitive – I break out here and there (Consider BB/CC creams)

c. Very sensitive – I break out all the time!  (Consider mineral makeup.)


3. How much coverage do you want?

a. Full coverage – I have a lot of blemishes and pigmentation to cover (Consider liquid formulas)

b. Medium coverage – I mostly just want to even out my skin tone (Consider cream and powder formulas)

c. Light coverage – I want a little hydration and glow but prefer a natural look (Consider BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers)

d. A mix – I want “buildable” coverage and one product that is light, but can be full coverage if I apply more of it. (Consider liquid formulas)


4. What kind of finish do you like?

a. Matte –  No sparkles, shimmer or shine of any kind

b. Satin (or Demi Matte) –  Natural sheen with a touch of shimmer and glow

c. Dewy - High shine or radiant sheer glow


5. How long do you need your foundation to last when you wear it?

a. Regular – I only need it for a couple of hours (You may want to avoid liquid formulas.)

b. Medium long - I want it to last through lunch, then I can reapply (Consider powder and cream formulas.

c. Long wear- I only want to apply it once and have it last all day (Consider liquid formulas)


6. What is your undertone? (A makeup artist or retail associate can help you here)

a. Warm (Your veins look green and gold jewelry and warm colors are more flattering on you than silver jewelry and cool colors)

b. Cool  (Your veins look blue and silver jewelry and cool colors are more flattering on you than gold jewelry and warm colors)

c. Neutral (Your veins look blue and green and you look awesome in silver and gold as well as warm and cool colors.  Lucky you!)


You’re all prepared to buy some new foundation!  Write down the answers to questions 1 – 6  above and take them with you to help your conversation with the retail associate. 

PRO TIPS:  Here are our bonus tricks for the day of. 

  1. Go in bare-faced – don’t worry, no one is judging!  If you’re already made up, make sure to remove what’s on your face where you want to swatch.   
  2. Make sure you are moisturized – you want your skin to be plump and ready so you can really see how the foundation works. 
  3. Foundation shade should be in between the color of your forehead (darkest) and the bottom of your neck (lightest).
  4. After applying, wait to see how it looks in 5 minutes. This is to ensure it doesn’t "oxidize" (turn red or orange after exposure to the air).
  5. Bring your YUBI with you so you can tell how your product will actually apply at home! The Buff Brush and Blend Sponge are great for all formulas. While the Buff Brush delivers a full coverage finish, the Blend Sponge is great for more light to medium coverage. Plus, you can use your Blend Sponge wet or dry.