December 12, 2018 3 min read

At the time of this writing it is 10 PM.  The kids have made their last requests for more water and snuggles and are finally asleep.  The dishes done as they are going to be.  And I actually remembered to move the Elf!  Finally, it's time for some "me" time.  

We don't get much of it, do we?  Especially during the holidays - the space between Halloween and New Years Eve is a blur of activity, mostly fun, often stressful.  In case no one has told you, you're doing a great job! You've kept up with the crazy pace with work, kids and social obligations.  And you've made sure everyone on your list has something special.  I wanted to do the same for you, so I started working months ago to bring you something fun and different; our Lip Love.  

These delicious little liquid lipsticks are just for you during this busy season.  I want you to have a little something coming in the mail to be excited about, to celebrate the close of this year and welcome a new one.  And during this challenging but beautiful season, I want you to be reminded that someone is thinking about you, cheering you on, and admiring your beauty while you play Santa to your friends, families and communities.

Here's what I love about our Lip Love.  They're crazy easy to apply and they stay on all day - so you don't have to reapply every couple hours like with other products.  And no walking around with lipstick on your teeth or on your coffee cup.  This formula is, put simply, bomb.  It goes on like whipped butter, creamy and rich, and dries down to a silk, matte finish that won't leave your lips feeling sticky or dried out.  And it tastes faintly like vanilla. 

Speaking of delicious - I am bringing them to you in colors that are gorgeous and so easy to wear for day or night.  Here's a little more about them:

Boss:  This is a classic red that is universally flattering.  

Passion:  My favorite!  This is a bright, bold color that anyone can wear.  I love it with jeans and a sweater as much as with a cocktail dress.

Perfection:  OK, actually maybe this is my favorite. I love this rich berry color alone or paired with Dreamer for an ombre lip.  

Dreamer: A soft winter rose color, this is a muted pink.  It's a great pink neutral for darker skinned women, and shows brighter on lighter complexions. 

Babe: A pinky peach nude great alone for lighter complexions.  I pair this with a lip liner or wear together with Gorgeous to flatter my brown skin.  

Alpha: A vampy dark red that anyone can pull off.  Slightly edgy and fun, the type of color that turns heads for the right reasons! 

Elevated: A creamy matte beige great for every day wear. 

Gorgeous: A soft brown that reminds me of late fall.  Very easy to wear.

Like with any lip product, make sure to condition your lips before and after.  You can use your favorite lip scrub or go classic - apply a bit of Vaseline at night and gently exfoliate in the morning with a soft washcloth.  

I hope you love these Lip Love liquid lipsticks!  They will only be available for a brief window or until they sell out.  

xo, Adiya 



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