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June 05, 2018

I speak a couple languages - French is not one of them. Still, I’m quite confident “Lancome” is French for “Heavenly Butter”. Read on if you dare doubt my linguistic skills.  

I buy new foundations fairly regularly. Not because I’m unhappy with my standards – typically I play in Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless (never the Dewey and Smooth. Omg Never.) or Nars Natural Radiant. Mac Studio Fix Fluid happens for date night when I need the beat to go on and on. Oh and also Hourglass Vanish because it is a stick and stick makeup is generally always dope. I keep trying new foundations out of curiosity, and because I think the right foundation can make all the difference in how you look and feel on any given day.  It is literally the foundation to your look.   

For the record, I am more than willing to drag a foundation that doesn’t cut it.  I tried a YSL the other day that oxidized so bad my reflection made me cry real tears. Salty streams running down my bright orange cheeks.  “I was rooting for you!” I thought, frantically trying to escape it with a Neutrogena wipe.  Back to the store you go, jerk.

Fortunately that same day I had made another purchase.  And it is not a "new" product, so I don't know how I slept on it so long.  A cute little stick of Lancome Ultra Longwear Foundation. $42 at Sephora, it is ultra awesome.

It comes in a silver box which gives it bonus points imo. If I could arrive in a silver box to work every day, I’m sure people would be even more excited to see me.  

I opened it, still bitter from my YSL experience.  Picked off its little cover and did what I usually do:  I took a whiff. If a foundation has a smell, it goes right back from whence it came.  Makeup should smell at worst like a field of petite organic wildflowers and at best, like absolutely nothing.  This one falls on the "best" side of that range and smells like a bottle of water.  Purified, not tap, mind you.  

The cute little tube contains plenty of product, no cheating here, and has a nice diameter for a foundation stick.  And when applied, the angels began to sing as the product glided gently over the contours of my face.  And when buffed out with my Yubi brush, it melted not just into my skin, but like, maybe into my soul even.  

Ok, that's all too much, but for real, this product is the truth.  I noticed zero oxidation after application, minimal transfer to my hands during the day (I touch my face A LOT) and I didn't feel like it looked stale after hours of wear.  Also, as I will demonstrate in a YouTube video I was inspired to create, it plays well with others - no weird streaking under concealer, blush or contour.  

A lot of words for one product but when a brand gets it right, I feel like a bit of gushing is appropriate.  

(A note on ethics and sweet lovely animals.  As you know, Yubi is 100% committed to vegan sourcing and cruelty-free processes and I personally expect the same of all the brands I use and try to limit my personal spend to those brands.  Lancome itself has stated its commitment to cruelty-free development of products and no longer tests on animals.  Shame on them for ever testing in the first place, but cheers that they recognize it is a horrible practice.  Still, due to regulations in mainland China, their products, which are sold there, are subject to government testing by law.   I do think brands have a responsibility to put pressure on governments to make laws that reflect society's current ethical compass (i.e. I don't think that most consumers want products tested on animals, but I'm no expert on Chinese politics or culture). But I don't think brands should get penalized for the laws and actions of the states in which they sell or distribute on this issue.)

Have you tried the Lancome Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick?  Any other products you think are better?     


(image: makeupalley.com)


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