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April 15, 2019 3 min read

Yeah babe, we've all been there.  Early AM presentation after a late night.  School pickup (with the cute new principal waiting at the door!) after a butt busting spin class.  Or a last minute date night you're running late for because #Netflix.

Sometimes a girl's gotta car makeup.  And there's no shame in that - there's beauty in efficient use of your time.  While we would never advocate applying makeup while operating a vehicle (please please please don't) we do believe the unique combination of light, mirrors and space makes your car a pretty great place to beautify.  

Want to get in on the fun?  Here are our top 7 tips for car beauty:


1. A little goes a long way

Look, if you have the skills to go full glam - lashes, concealer brow, glitter eye shadow - while behind the wheel of your car I have nothing but praise for ya.  That is not most of us, though.  Instead, focus on applying the products that give you the most bang for your buck and don't stress over what's missing.

2. Use a silicone based primer 

Trust me. Even if you don't have time for foundation, a layer of silicone primer will take you from basic to "hey babe" in no time flat.  The formula fills in creases and fine lines to have a blurring effect.  It's like photoshop but in real life. Apply and blend with your Buff Brush for flawless results.  

3. Use a stick foundation

I know! I go on and on about stick foundation but legit there's a good reason. They're bomb.  You can swipe it on with no risk of running or dripping in your car or on your clothes.  And a good product reduces the need for moisturizer and may even have enough SPF to help eliminate the sunscreen step.  Blend that bad boy out with your Buff Brush - don't worry about using a clean one if you've just used it for primer.

4. Blend with an ergonomic, compact brush

Our Buff Brush was literally made for car makeup.  Cute and compact, it applies and blends all your makeup from start to finish without having to change brush heads or clean the bristles.  Unlike long handled brushes, it is perfectly sized for quick beauty on the go.  

5. Use a hydrating lip gloss

And save the sexy matte lipsticks for when you have the time.  Unless your skills are impeccable, you'll find that the time and space constraints of car makeup are less than ideal for a matte formula.  This is because matte formulas are typically long wear - so if you color outside those lip lines, you're kind of stuck.  Instead, a nude or sheer gloss will be more forgiving while being low key smoldering hot.  

6.  Use a multistick for color 

Yes, another stick.  But this one is different.  Instead of fussing with an eye shadow and a cheek color use one that does everything.  Before you go rubbing your lipstick on your eyelids (please don't, that's dangerous) what I'm talking about is a product like the this one that is specially formulated for cheeks while being safe for eyes.  

7. Buy two of everything 

Omg I know you hate me right now.  You're thinking I've lost my mind.  But I'm entirely serious.  Keep a spare set of your favorite products in a cute little makeup bag (like this one ) and stash it in your purse, in your mudroom where you keep your keys or somewhere else you will remember to grab it on your way out the door.  I would not recommend keeping your spare makeup in the car - extreme temperatures will ruin it.  Keeping a spare set will ensure you're not running through your home looking for your products when it is time to go.  And that you aren't rummaging through your car trying to find that misplaced foundation or lip gloss when doing your makeup at home.  It is absolutely worth the investment.   

Do you have any tips for doing your makeup in the car?  Any fave products?  Give a shout and let me know!

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