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April 15, 2019 2 min read

You, at night:  I'm going to do my makeup tomorrow!

Also you, first thing in the morning:  Nope.

I totally sympathize.  As amazing as a great foundation is, it can be kind of a mess to put on.  Especially if you are like most busy babes with limited time for multiple steps in the AM. 

Enter the stick foundation!  This little guy is the best of all worlds.  Its creamy formula is perfect for dry, normal or oily skin and hydrating to give you a little burst of long lasting moisture.  Buildable coverage so you can go full glam or a more natural look with one product.  And the no-mess delivery means no spilling product on your vanity (or in the car - you know who you are).

There are loads of these on the market, but here are a few to try now: 


1. Hourglass Vanish Stick $46

Ugh...this foundation!  Buttery smooth and totally vegan, this product is my absolute dream go to.  I keep two of them at all times in my perfect shade (Golden Almond, if you want to send me a gift) and one each in a lighter shade and a darker shade to use as highlight and contour.  They go on amazingly smooth and blend out perfectly with my YUBI Buff Brush.  I know it is a little pricey but I promise it is completely worth it.  Send me a nasty email if you disagree!


2. Lancome Ultra Longwear Foundation $43

Droooool...when I first tried this formula I nearly died and wondered what I had been waiting for my whole life.  I recorded a video demo using it and forced everyone I knew to watch it.  (I may post it here too, while I have the captive audience.) It blends out to a very natural finish with a tiny bit of glow (at least on my combination skin) and is totally fragrance free.


3. Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation $18

This amazing product comes in 40 colors (I almost typed "flavors"!) so you are certain to find one or two great matches for your skin tone.  It goes on smooth and wears well, and at this price you can definitely grab two of them to keep in your double up bag (more on that in a future post).  Two things to note though. 1) This is a wee little stick - it has .16 oz of product compared to about .25 oz in competitor brands.  Not necessarily a negative, but just go in eyes wide open on value. 2) I've looked but am unable to confirm whether the formula is vegan (the website says it is not tested on animals, which is fabulous, but idk if there are animal-based ingredients).   

Like I said, there are literally a billion stick foundations on the market - these are just three of my faves.  Hit me up if there are others you love or if you have more to say on these.  Until then, I hope this little bit of information helps make your beauty routine faster and easier!  

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